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Did you know that the majority of Hughes products are also available for rental? This includes:

  1. Laptops
  2. TVs
  3. Games Consoles
  4. Soundbars & Smart Speakers
  5. Kitchen and Laundry Appliances
  6. Vacuum Cleaners

We stock appliances from all of the popular, big-name brands such as Samsung, Sony, LG, Bosch, and Hotpoint, among many more. These are available in affordable monthly or annual payments with an appliance to suit every budget!

Our rental range comes with free delivery, installation, and product demonstrations to help you get started. Removing the stress of last-minute costs, we offer free servicing and repairs with our very own, in-home repair facility. Our trained engineers fix 90% of appliances first time and will organise a quick replacement should this not become possible.

If you’re someone who likes to keep up with the latest and greatest in technology, then our rental service is perfect for you! As part of our rental contracts, you are offered the opportunity to upgrade each year to a fresher model. This is incredibly popular with home entertainment equipment, such as TVs, which are released with new features on an annual basis.

We also offer refurbished appliances that have been restored to the highest standard possible. These products are a greener option which we encourage all of our customers to consider. Not only does it prolong the life of the appliance, but it also helps reduce the number of electrical appliances in landfill. This is part of our efforts to become a more sustainable company.

The benefits of rental

Free Repairs
Huge Range
Free Delivery